Laser cutting Trumpf TCL3030-TLF1500

Used Trumpf Laser Cutting TCL3030-TLF1500 for sale

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n. 1 used LASER CUTTING TRUMPF mod. TCL3030 TLF1500 with Rotolass spindle


  • X-axis movement: mm 3000
  • Y axis movement: mm 1500
  • Z axis movement: mm 115
  • Maximum X-axis speed: m/min 60
  • Maximum Y-axis speed: m/min 60
  • Simultaneous max speed: m/min 84
  • Numeric control: Bosch trumagraph cc 220s
  • Laser power: Watt 1500
  • Maximum cutting thickness: fe mm 12
  • Maximum processing weight: 710 kg
  • Minimum precision programmable ride: mm 0.01
  • Position offset: mm -/- 0.10
  • Average dispersion band: mm -/- 0.03
  • CO2 Laser gas consumption: L/h 1
  • N2 Laser gas consumption: L/h 5
  • He Laser gas consumption: L/h 14
  • Approx. elettr consumption.: Kw 33-53
  • Weight: Kg 11500
  • Color: White blue
  • Approx size: mm 9800 x 4600 x 2000 h


  • drive: 3-phase servo motors

  • work area lighting

  • automatic pallet change

  • scraps conveyor

  • smoke suction system

  • 5″ cutting head with lens

  • 7.5-inch cutting head with lens

  • lubrication oil spray

  • security booth

  • suction fumes

  • multi-beam security barriers

Laser cutting Trumpf TCL3030-TLF500 spindle Rotolass

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