Waterjet Cutting is a cutting system, very common thanks to its ability to cut any sort of material and thickness (from some tenths up to 250mm) at very reasonable cutting costs. Waterjet cut is versatile and can be used in several sectors: employed at the begging in the aeronautical sector, later it had established itself also in the food sector. The material division is obtained pressurizing the waterjet in a nozzle by means of high pressure pumps. This system produces high precision cuts without thermal shock or physical alterations of materials. The most common materials are: rubber, cork, leather, plastic, titanium, brass, copper and marble. For hardest or thickest materials, a special type of sand called abrasive is used, added to water. Being an innovation, waterjet cutting assures the user an important level of differentiation. Manufacturers such as Flow and Bystronic, besides producing waterjet machines for 2D shapes, have also made possible the three-D cutting.