Hydraulic Press Brakes are machine tools able to shape sheet metal obtaining both simple and complex geometrical forms. Depending on the production demands, it’s possible to use whether traditional Press Brakes or CNC Electronic Synchronized machines. By means of these machines, manufactured by leading companies such as Trumpf, LVD, Amada, Fratelli Farina e Gasparini, each kind of parts can be bended, assuring high speed and productivity, but above all high repetitiveness: the first piece and the last one just produced, in fact, will look exactly alike. This can be obtained also through a higher piston control and an excellent rounding system , which compensates the deformation of the part. For a greater productivity and flexibility, Press Brakes are put in folding cells (e.g. Trumpf Trubend and BendMaster Press Brakes), in which materials are handled in a completely automated way.

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