Hydraulic and mechanical guillotine shears permit a precise sheet cut: the cutting quality is kept even in case of different thickness and materials and the use is made easier by quick calibration regulators of blade distance and cutting angle. The blade holder slide, which cuts the material by means of its two knives, is handled by hydraulic cylinders. When it comes down, the blank holders keep the material fastened for a perfect result. Through Hydraulics and the evolution of their plants, also their productivity has increased, making them faster and more efficient also in presence of specific materials. Thanks to the introduction of sophisticated 3 axes CNC machines, high levels of precision have been reached, always keeping a great reliability. Leading companies such as Fratelli Farina, Schiavi, Amada and Colga have made these machineries famous not only for their hardiness but also for the personalization they made introducing rear supports, sheets conveyors and other solutions thought to optimize the cutting results.