Prima-Industrie Syncrono laser cutting

taglio laser Prima Industrie mod. Syncrono usato in vendita

Available in MACH-TRADE

n. 1 used LASER CUTTING plant Prima Industrie mod. SYNCRONO, year 2007


  • Very high dynamics: 60 m / s² acceleration
  • Movable optics: the piece is stopped during processing
  • Monolithic structure: all the elements are integrated in a single block, easily transportable
  • Cantilever architecture with accessibility from 3 sides
  • Quick and easy installation (no foundation required)
  • Two-axis head (U and V) with parallel kinematics architecture
  • 5 “and 7.5” lens, to go from the smallest to the highest thicknesses
  • Constant-length optical chain throughout the working range
  • Programmable automatic control of the focal position
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Raw sheet centering system by sensor
  • Laser Piercing Monitor (LPM) to optimize the process of heavy thicknesses
  • Active device to protect the nozzle from accidental impacts
  • CP4000 and CV5000 laser generators: the new CV5000 laser has a magnetic sustained turbine and solid state high voltage power supply
  • MAESTRO-Libellula off-line programming software


  • MMI with web technology, S.O. Windows®
  • numerical control based on standard PC with S.O. LINUX / RTAI
  • axis control card with high performance DSP processor
  • digital drives connected in optical fiber
  • 15 “LCD flat screen, touch screen and trackball
  • technological tables on board the machine (TOB)

Main options:

  • Plasma Monitoring and Restart
  • Automatic pallet change
  • Sheet loader

Flexible and modular automatic sheet metal handling systems of the Server line.

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