Turret punching machine Finn-Power SG5

punzonatrice a torretta Finn-Power SG5 usata in vendita

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n. 1 used punching machine Finn-Power mod. SHEAR GENIUS 5 TRS5 SQBF3/AM

The machine consists of 5 main elements:

  1. Finn-Power SGS5 soundproofed turret punching machine
  2. RS1500 AUTOMATIC angle shear
  3. LD2500 automatic loading system
  4. C1500/4 sorting system
  5. CNC Siemens Sinumerik 880

Below is a short analysis of each element.

The Shear Genius 5 in detail


The turret punching machine Finn-Power SG5 can punch sheets of maximum size 2500 x 1250 x 8 mm (min = 0.5 mm – thick max.6 mm) in Fe 52 / Fe 37.

The sheet is held by three automatic clamps (one of these is optional).

The shearing of the sheet takes place by punches set on a turret of 21 stations which include index, multi-tool and fixed stations.


The angle shear consists of 2 flat blades 803 mm long for the X dimension and 1528 mm for the Y dimension.

So that the Finn-Power SG5 punching machine allows to cut a piece of 800 x 1500 mm with a single stroke.

The angular shear is equipped with 1 trapdoor for the evacuation of scraps or machined pieces.


The device allows to load the metal sheets from 2 loading tables to the work surface of the punching turret.

It consists of a pneumatic handler that picks up the sheet to be processed by activating different areas of suction cups (6 in total) based on the size of the sheet to be processed.

The sheet that can be loaded automatically have size from 600 x 300 mm to 2500 x 1290 mm (sheets always from 0.5 mm to 8 mm for Fe 52 / Fe 37 steel).


The Finn-Power SG5 punching machine, in addition to possessing a discharge hatch dedicated to the evacuation of the scrap, has been equipped with a selector belt and an automatic stacker.

The selector belt allows to vary between 4 different unloading locations of the size of 2400 x 1290 mm, it also offers the possibility to decide where to unload the piece.


SIEMENS 880 CNC Control: This control allows you to store multiple programs, NC, to oversee the security areas of the punches, to modify the positions of the tools, etc..

The control may be communicating with an external PC through a serial port (baud rate 9600) and receives data from the latter.

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