Rainer punching center Rainer OS2500

Available in MACH-TRADE

n. 1 Rainer punching center OS2500 with 6660 working hours (from 15/04/2010)

centro di punzonatura Rainer OS2500 usato in vendita


The machine has an open monolithic structure and has reduced overall dimensions thanks to the work bench, completely covered with brushes, integrated.

The sheet metal carriage is located in the recess and allows the processing of sheets, even wider than the nominal working range of the machine.

The hydraulic system is capable of delivering 23 tons.


  • NC TECNOS Year 2009
  • Monitor 14″ S-VGA
  • Unit floppy disk integrated
  • Dual CPU framework
  • 6 axis controlled
  • Programmable speed axis
  • Management of oil and grease lubrication systems
  • Software Computer


  • Working-area: mm 2082 x 1297
  • Power max: 230 kN
  • Max thickness of punching: mm 6,4
  • Max weight of metal sheet: Kg 165
  • Punching accuracy: mm +/-0,1
  • Max nibbling cadence with 3 mm pitch: strokes / min 600
  • Max nibbling cadence with 25 mm pitch: strokes / min 310
  • Medium time for tools change: sec. 1
  • Rotating tool rotation speed: 50 rpm
  • Automatic selection of turret rotation direction
  • Automatic repositioning in X
  • Hydraulic system with heat exchanger
  • Predisposition multitool
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Max speed of positioning (axis,y): m/min 80,80
  • Max speed of diagonal positioning: m/min 113
  • Number of hydraulic clamps: 2
  • Max stroke tool: mm 20
  • Min pressure air: Bar 6,5
  • Max. weigh: 12 t
  • Set used tools

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